Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Southern Sudan: Stay away from organized forces, minister warns politicians

The Minister of Internal Affairs in the Government of Southern Sudan, Maj. Gen. Gier Chuang Aluong has warned politicians from influencing police and other organised forces to promote their political interests during the upcoming general elections scheduled for April in Sudan.

Addressing the first batch of new police recruits undergoing training in Rajaf West on Friday, Maj. Gen. Gier said organized forces are not affiliated to any political party or group and should therefore not be used by any single politician or party to promote their political agenda.

“Police is a national institution that is supposed to serve the interest of all citizens regardless of their political or tribal affiliations and as members of this national institution, you are national servants. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by politicians so that you can support them during the elections”, he stressed.

Gier said any politician who tries to influence the police force or any other organised forces will be subjected to full force of the law. “I want to ask politicians to stay away from the police. Any politicians found to have influenced the police to promote their political agenda will be dealt with accordingly”, the minister stressed.

He also challenged politicians to deliver on the promises instead of lying to the electorates in a bid to secure political seats. “Politics is not business as some politicians think. Politics is about providing services to the people not for the individual interests of the politicians themselves”, he said.

The Minister also called on police force to shun tribalism and promote patriotism and national interest of the people they are supposed to protect. He added that police officers will not be deployed to their state of origin; a move aimed promoting national integration of the police force.

Gier was accompanied by the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Achuil Tito Manol and the deputy Inspector General Lt. Gen. Kur Maika Deng among other senior officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs during his tour of Rajaf West Police Training Centre.

He also dismissed allegations that the Government of Southern Sudan has failed to govern Southern Sudan effectively since the formation of GOSS five years ago. “The Government of Southern Sudan has improved lives of ordinary citizens over the last five years and for anyone to claim that Southern Sudan is a failed state is not true. If we were not able to govern ourselves, how did we manage to fight for over 50 years against marginalization and political domination”, he said.

The Minister also said his ministry has embarked on a capacity building program aimed at professionalising the police force that is well-equipped to protect citizens as well as maintain order and promote rule of law in Southern Sudan. He added that new recruits undergoing training will be deployed to all the 10 states of Southern Sudan to provide security during the upcoming elections slated for April.

Source: Sudan Tribune (24/01/2010)

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